What we do at Nostalgic Metal

     Nostalgic Metal is a family run business and they pour all their energy into everything that they do, from creating unique projects to how they interact with you, their customer.

     Joe was raised around custom car builders and has developed his skills to the extent he has the ability to weld large scale projects, along with soldering tiny jewelry sets. Joe's artistic eye is very different, browsing this website you can see that each piece has its own life and will never be re-created again. Joe uses up-cycles/recycled materials for most of his jewelry creations, like 100 year old copper roof panels and rain gutters, brass fire kick plate from a Las Vegas Hotel door in the 60's, and steel from the car projects we have in the garage. There is a one of a kind story to every piece!

     Karin was raised in Sweden and moved to California while in High School. She has always been inspired by nature and missed the forest greens in the very dry So Cal. When she met Joe and moved to Oregon, she instantly felt connected to his family, way of life and the very endless nature adventures all around then. While Karin does most of the business aspect of the business, she has also found her inner artist. Using stones they have found while out in nature, Karin uses mostly dot art techniques to create colorful designs. Browse her page to see her creations.


 If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a project whether it is large or small, we are here to make your dreams come true!

Custom Ordered Jewelry Set
Made from the customers 1949 hot rod project for his wife!