The Dream Swing

In early 2012 I had a dream, a very vivid detailed dream of my art project in the Black Rock Desert at an event called Burning Man. I had yet to attend this event myself. The task was at times daunting, however my dream was clear, it was like it was already done. I had the privilege of bringing my dream to fruition and brought the first rendition of The Dream Swing to my first Burn only month later in 2012. The years that followed my heart grew along with the ever evolving Dream Swing art project. Stories of people finding love in her glow, proposals, the pink light that guided them home...knowing that my art contribution found its way into so many peoples heart, is why I do what I do.

All of our jewelry is created using up-cycled materials like brass from the bottom of a 60 year old Las Vegas hotel door or  120 year old copper roofing panels of a church in Oregon or a barn roof in Sweden, silver from a 140 year old spoon found at an estate sale.

Santa Barbara, California