Antique mannequin lamp called ⁣

“I have an idea!“⁣

I was inspired from the moment I brought this old mannequin home. A women’s torso from neck to waist with moving arms and hands. As soon as I sat her on my work bench with one arm raised high over her head and the other resting next to her heart I thought of all the women through out history that without their ideas we would not be where we are today, yet so often the credit do them was brushed aside as nothing, was never given, or was credited to yet another male that did not deserve it.⁣

Having an idea is depicted with a lightbulb over someone’s head, with this lamp the light bulb rests where the head would be in honor of all the women through out history who’s face we do not know do to her lack of recognition for her ideas.⁣


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Antique Mannequin Lamp

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All of our jewelry is created using up-cycled materials like brass from the bottom of a 60 year old Las Vegas hotel door or  120 year old copper roofing panels of a church in Oregon or a barn roof in Sweden, silver from a 140 year old spoon found at an estate sale.

Santa Barbara, California